Simulation Model Engine (SME) works in the program background to determine if the actual conditions are adequate for the species that live in the aquarium. Once an analytic is introduced, the SME checks if the habitants conditions are according to their requirements. To do that, it uses the central species database (fishes, plants and invertebrates). Those factors are the Temperature, the pH and gH, NO2, NO3,PO4 and Fe.

The Temperature, pH and gH values are compared one by one in all the species with the reference guide that gives the central database of fishes, plants and invertebrates. In the other hand, for the NO2, NO3, PO4 and Fe the limits are provided by default (NO2 = 0, NO3 <= 40, PO4 <= 1 and Fe >= 0.5 mg/l). If the limits is reached, an alert is given. Apart from that, the SME calculates in how many days the limit will be reached (or when did  the element reach the limit).

Finally the SME predicts the algae risk using the Redfield coefficient. It measures the relationship between the NO3 and PO4. Depending of the  quotient a algae provability can be calculated.